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Hydraulic Synchronized CNC Press Brake Model PSH HP
Hydraulic Synchronized CNC Press Brake Model PSH HP
Large cylinder stroke,ultra-high opening,meet the large size workpiecesbending requirements
Advanced Configuration,high precision and high efficiency CNC hydraulic press brake
Holistic welding structure
Electro-hydraulic servo system, the closed-loop control the slider synchronization
Double crowning mechanism
High precision modular backgauge system
Stand configuration with 4+1 axes:
Y1(upward-downward of left cylinder)
Y2(upward-downward of right cylinder)
X(forward-backward of backgauge)
R(upward-downward of backgauge)
V(hydraulic crowning)

Equipment and Options

Top hydraulic die clamping

The clamp design also allows the use of oversize dies, without loss of precision.
The design garantees ultimate area loads.

WILA mechanical Crowning system

Integrated in the table, the high-precision crowning system is automatically adjustable via CNC controller. Point-focal adjustment options with precise basic settings for accurate bending angels.


CNC System Options:

Swiss CEBELEC DNC60S, DNC600S, ModEva10s, ModEva12s, Dutch DELEM DA65WE, DA66WE


Laser Protection Device

Australia LaserSafe laser protective device, the world famous brands, with European Union CE standard


CNC Z1,Z2 Axes

High precision linear guide rail guide, precision gearRack drive,modular design,convenient for customers to upgrade at any time.

CNC Servo Drive front support

This device has been granted the national patent, CNC control theservo motor, smooth operation, good synchronous effect, easy operation

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