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Hydraulic Shearer
Hydraulic Shearer
Q11Y 4x2500, Q11Y 6.3x2000, Q11Y 6x1300, Q11Y 3x3100

Product Description

This machine is different from the traditional driving method of mechanical and Hydraulic shearers. It's adopted hydraulic driving, low cutting angle and included shearing direction to reduce bowing and twist to a minimum. Blade clearance is easily set by a manually operated ""Quick Set"" device. It's an ideal truecut piece of equipment for the machining of sheet and nonferrous sheet metal.

Based on special hydraulic machinery construction, type Q11Y 4x2500 uses good quality imported units to make it work quietly, requiring less maintenance, the machine can auto-adjust the blade sharp clearance for different sheet thickness, to control the cutting angle (adjustment). CNC backgauge system is available to give higher precision.
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