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Hydraulic Notching Machine
Hydraulic Notching Machine

Product Description

Large range for notching angle with high notching speed and precision for the angle from 30°-40° can be processed according to the symmetric or asymmetry adjustment, suitable to notching various thickness and material sheets with bright and smooth notch

Model Q28YB


Model Q28YA

Notching angle fixes in 90° with high notching speed. Compavt structure, small volume and convenient operation.

Product Specifications

No Model Cutting Angle
Cutting Length
Cutting Thickness
Size of Working Label
Maximum Working Pressure
1210024 Q28YA-6X250 90 250 6 24 810X750 4 35 10 934X810X1135 750
1210025 Q28YB-6X220 30-140 220 6 24 950X850 4 35 18 950X920X1250 1000
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