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HIW Series Iron Worker
HIW Series Iron Worker

Product Description

This kind of machine is the latest iron workers in our country, which adopt five-stage hydraulic transmission through repeated beam movement swing. The whole machine is reasonable structured, light, low noise and easy to take.


The tool adopt whole-structure compact designing, setting five-stage. It is and ideal equipment for cutting angle, round, flat bar,punching, joist as well as notching, channel,equipped with related stop device for cutting.


The fix device can be adjusted by helical gear transmission, simple and convenient.



Model No HIW-40 HIW-45 HIW-60
Working pressure 400Kn 450Kn 600Kn
Max. cutting thickness 8mm 10mm 12mm
Max.cutting length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Tensile strength of sheet metal ≤450N/mm2 ≤450N/mm2 ≤450N/mm2
Shear angle 7deg 7deg 7deg
Stroke of ram 32mm 50mm 55mm
Stroke Times 10min 12min 15min
Depth of Throat 175mm 175mm 220mm
Max.Capacities 26X10mm 24X12mm 28X15mm
Main Motor 3Kw 3Kw 4Kw
Length of machine tool 1150mm 1450mm 1520mm
Width of machine tool 560mm 590mm 590mm
Height of machine tool 1550mm 1620mm 1700mm
Weight of machine tool 805kg 1055kg 1400kg
Punching Metric Max.Capacities 26X10mm 24X12mm 28X15mm
Max.stroke depth 32mm 50mm 55mm
Throat depth standard 175mm 175mm 220mm
Largest hole(optional) 60mm 60mm 100mm
Shearing Flat bar 200X10mm 200X12mm 200X15mm
Alternative 300X8mm 300X10mm 300X15mm
Blade length 318mm 318mm 308mm
Angle flange trim 80X10mm 80X10mm 80X10mm
Angle cutting at 90° cut 80X8mm 100X10mm 125X12mm
Section Cutting Round/Square Bar 30/25mm 30/30mm 40/35mm
Channel/Beam 65X40mm 80X43mm 100X48mm
Tee 38X6mm 40X7mm 76X10mm
Notching Material Thickness   8mm 10mm
Width   35mm 42mm
Depth:vee-rect   60-90mm 60-90mm
Angle Flange   80X8mm 100X10mm
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