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QA35-8A QA32-8B Shearing Machine
QA35-8A QA32-8B Shearing Machine

Product Description

The shearing machines of QA32-8A QA32-8B which shear sheet metal are the newly designed products of our factory and they are series products of machinery industry. They are new in design, compact in structure, artistic in modelling, reliable in performance, small in size, light in weight, multifunctional and quick in operation, covenient in use and they are widely used in shearing sheet metal, shaped metal and punching shaped metal, holes and in die shearing, it's really the skillful equipment in shearing and punching shaped metal for the vast number of the customers in the industries of machine-making. Construction, water and power and hanicraft.

Product Specification

Model QA32-8A QA32-8B
Max Punching Force 360KN 360KN
Cutter Length 200mm 200mm
Cutter Stoke Length 27mm 27mm
Strokes Of Cutter Per Min 30 30
Motor Power 2.2KW 2.2KW
Moter Voltage 380v(220v/ 240V) 380v(220v/ 240V)
Motor Ferquency 50(60)Hz 50(60)Hz
Over Size(L X W X H) 900x500x1100mm 900x500x1100mm
Weight 520kg 520kg
Item Parameter Item Parameter
Punch hole Φ22/8 Shear Flat bar 100x12
Punch Long hole 16x40/8 Shear Square bar 20x20
Shear Steel Plate 8=8 Angle steel L.70x70x6
Shear Angle Steel L75x75x8 L75x75x8  
Shear Round bar Φ30 Angle steel st 90◦ L.50x50x6
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