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CY-K660 Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe
CY-K660 Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Product Description

The specially designed Independent Spindle structure ensures the maximum heat dissipation and brings down the heat distortion
Single piece leg and double tri-angle guide ways ensures heavy cutting and high accuracy
Automatic 3-step gear box with inverter is standard spindle drive, while servo motor drive as optional
The optional Teach-In function of CY-K660 series makes the quick and simple setup programming and easy to operate


Fanuc 0i-Mate-TD controller
Automatic 3-step gear box with inverter
ф250 manual 3-jaw chuck
Manual tailstock
Vertical 4-position electronic turret
2-door half cover


Electronic handwheels with Teach-In function(only available with Fanuc, Fagor & Siemens)
Servo motor drive
ф250 hydraulic through/solid 3-jaw chuck
Hydarulic tailstock
Horizontal 6-position electronic turret
Air conditioner
Steady rest/Follow rest

Product Specification

Specification/Model CY-K660
Distance between centers 1000mm 1500mm
Swing over bed 660mm
Swing over cross slide 365mm
Width of bed 390mm
Spindle nose & bore D8 ф82mm
Spindle speed 35 - 150, 120 - 500, 480 - 2000rpm
Max. travel X/Z axis 290 / 850mm 290 / 1350mm
Rapid feed speed X/Z axis 4 / 8m/min
Positioning accuracy X/Z axis 0.03 / 0.045mm
Repeatability X/Z axis 0.012 / 0.02mm
Tailstock quill diameter 75mm
Tailstock quill max travel 150mm
Tailstock quill taper MT5
Max. turning dia for disc (V4) 660mm
Max. turning dia for disc (H6) 600mm
Main motor 11kW
Gross / Net weight (kg) 3500 / 2800 3900 / 3100
Package dimensions (mm) 3200x2100x2200 3700x2100x2200
Sheet Forming Machine Johor. Plasma Fiber Laser Cutting. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearer. Guan Kee