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Trans-verse Flange Manufacture System
Trans-verse Flange Manufacture System

Product Description

TDF unit is one of the two universal flange making systems in the world, with low cost, well-seal and easy-fabrication, specially suitable to produce a duct with medium section area and applied in large-scale industrial manufacture. As a flexible machine, TDF will adapt to an auto line with a Pittsburgh lock machine, motcher and bending machine. It may also be used on site.

TDF of ACL may produce both transverse duct snap flange and the corresponding duct corner. The technical data of T-12DC and T-15DC is listed below:


TDC Fabrication and Installation.

1. ACL TDF flange only requires ordinary fretsaw for cutting. The flange strip should be cut to 30mm shorter than the length of duct groove. The flange also should be cut as the direction shown in the picture to prevent metal cutting damage on flange structure. The notching should be slippery after cutting.
2. Insert four corner joints into the ends of the flange and ensure the corner joints are fully inserted into the flange. Then the whole flange frame can be fixed.
3. Insert the flange frame into the duct from one side of the frame, then along the whole flange frame.
4. Fix the flange into the duct by various methods, spot welding or riveting. But distance for fixing must be taken as standard DW144 Table
5. The maximum distance from angle to the fixing point should not exceed 50mm.
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