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Gorelocker Combi-t
Gorelocker Combi-t

Product Description

The well thought-out design allows not only the manufacture of segment bends, reducers, end covers and offsets but also the attachment of cams for the well-known METU system. The high flexibility is achieved by means of 2 separate workstations: a flanging station and a closing station. Thus the machine is always ready for operation without time-consuming conversion. Working at two separate workstationstogether with the high flanging speed of up to 120m per min. allows a production time, for flanging and closing, for a 4-part 200mm bend of less than 90 seconds. The result is a fitting which not only looks perfect but also, on account of the strong standing seam, has high strength with low weight. Special importance has been attached to simple operation and easy conversion to different diameters. Our customers around the world appreciate the high quality, the longevity and the robustness of the products from SPIRO INTERNATIONAL S.A. These properties make the Gorelocker Combi-T the most economical machine on the market.
Dual working station
Maximum flexibility-eliminates equipment's changing over and reduces tool's changing.
Higher production speed
Up to 120m per minute flanging speed
Higher capacity
Material thickness up to 1.5mm
Galvanised steel and 1.0 mm Stainless steel
Improved seam's quality
Optimised roller's profile
Virtually no maintenance
No lubrication necessary and all rotating parts are made of hardened, high grade steel

Product Specification

Model: ARC-500
Electrical connection: 3X400V 50Hz, other connections on request
Total power: 5kw
of compressed air: 75 L per hour at 6 bar
forming speed: 120m / per min.
Production time: less than 90 seconds for a bend of 200 mmdia./900/4 segments by 1 Person
Diameter range: 125-1250mm
Min radius: 1 times diameter, in relation to the centre line of the bend
Net weight: 500 kg
Material Thickness in mm
from to
Black steel 0.4 1.5
Galvanized steel 0.4 1.5
Stainless steel 0.4 1.0
Aluminium 0.4 1.5
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