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Slotting Machine
Slotting Machine
B50100, B5032D, B5020D

Product Name: Slotting Machine

Machine Overview  ( B50100 ):

This slotting machine is designed for machining various kinds of large or medium sized machine parts. It is used for slotting various flat surface, straight external and internal form surface, keyways, etc. The slotting speed maybe regulated infinitelly. The machine is accompanied with an electro magnetic automatic tool holder and a tool bar. The tool holder is used for outer slotting and the tool bar for inner slotting and for slotting the keyway.

B50100 技术规格 Specification
滑枕最大有效行程 (插削内孔 850mm)  Max.effective stroke length for  ram (for internal slotting) 1000mm
切削行程速度 Cutting stroke speed 4-30m/min
返回行程速度 Return stroke speed 7-30m/min
可插削工件的最大重要 Max. weight of the workpiece for slotting 400kg
交流电动机总功率 Total power of A.C. motor 35.85kw
允许最大切削力 (当行程速度为 10-20米/分时) Max.permissible cutting force (within ran traverse speed of 10-20m/min) 2500 kgf
工作台直径 Table diameter 1250mm
工作台的最大移动量 Max. table traverse 纵向 Longitude 1200mm  横向 Cross 1000mm
刀具支承面至床身前壁距离 Distance from binding face to bed antethaca of Cutter 112-mm
进给量范围纵向 Range of feed. Longitudinal 0.2 - 5mm/double stroke
              横向              Cross 0.2-5mm/double stroke
              圆周(在f700圆周上)              Circular (along f700 circular) 0.4-10mm/double stroke
工作台面至滑架下端间距离 Distance from Working mesa to carriage bottom 1140 mm
工作台快移: 纵向及横向 Table rapid traverse speed, Longitudinal or Cross 500mm/min
机床外形  (长 x 宽 x 高) Overall dimension (L x W x H) 4400 x 2835 x 5730mm
机床总重量 (包括电气设备) Total weight of machine (including electrical equipment) 2100kg

Machine Overview ( B5032D ):

This machine tool is used to process planes, model surface, key seating, etc, and it is suitable for the single-piece or small-batch production workshop. The main transmission mechanism is to transmit the throw-over: motion of the rocker arm into the to-and-fro motion of the ram. The operating platform can move vertically and horizontally and revolve. It is able to achieve automatic feed and hand operating feed. Also it can move fast in case of breakdown, the platform will automatically stop feeding and achieve limit safety.

B2032D 技术规格 Specification
最大插削长度 Max. Slotting Length 320mm
工件最大加工尺寸 (长 x 高) Max. Dimension of workpiece (L x H) 600 x 820mm
工件最大重要 Max. weight of workpiece 500 kg
最大切削力 Max. cutting force 750 kg
滑枕有效行程 Effective stroke of ram 50 - 340mm
滑枕往复次数 No. of ram strokes prer minute 20 32 50 80 r.p.m
滑枕垂直调整距离 Vertical adjustment of ram 315mm
滑枕倾斜角度 Inclination of ram 0~8
刀头支承面至床身前壁间距离 Distance between tool holdig surface and column front 600mm
插刀杆最大尺寸 (宽 x 高) Max. tool shank size (W x H) 25 x 40mm
工作台直径 Table diameter 630mm
工作台面至滑架下端间距离 Distance between table surface and low end of ram 490mm
工作台最大纵向移动距离 Max. longitudinal travel of table 630mm
工作台最大横向移动距离 Max. cross travel of table 560mm
工作台最大回角度 Max. rotary angle of table ±360
工作台纵横机动进给量范围 Range of table longitudmala and cross power feeds 0.08 - 1.21mm
工作台回转机动进给范围 Range of table power feeds 0.52 - 0.783
主电动机功率 Power of main drive motor 4 kw
主电动机转速 Rotating speed of main drive motor 960 r.p.m
快移电动机功率 Power of rapid drive motor 0~75 kw
快移电动机转速 Rotating speed of main drive motor 910 r.p.m
机床轮廓尺寸 (长 x 宽 x 高) Overall dimensions ( L x W x H ) 2180 x 1496 x 2245mm
机床重量 (约) Weight (approx.) 3000kg

Machine Overview (B5020D):

This machine is used for slotting the flat and formed surface, keyways, etc. It is suitable for either single-piece or small batch production. The main transmission mechanism is used for converting the rotating motion of the crank-gear into reciprocating motion of ram. The worktable is designed for longitudinal, cross and rotary feeding both automatically and manually or it can be shifted quickly. The feed is stopped automatically, when the worktable is in case of trouble.

B5020D 技术规格 Specification
最大插削长度 Max. slotting length 200 毫米
工件最大加工尺寸 (长 x 高) Max. dimensions of workpiece (L x H) 485 x 200 毫米
工件最大重量 Max. weight of workpiece 400 公斤
最大切削力 Max. cutting force 550 公斤
滑枕往复次数 No. of ram strokes per minute 32, 50, 80, 125 次/分钟
滑枕垂直调整距离 Vertical adjustment of ram 230  毫米
滑枕倾斜角度 Inclination of ram 0-8度
刀头支承面至床身前壁间距离 Distance between tool holding surface and column front 485 毫米
插刀杆最大尺寸 (宽 x 高) Max. tool shank size ( W x H ) 25 x 40  毫米
工作台直径 Table diameter 500 毫米
工作台面至滑架下端间距离 Distance between table surface and low end of ram 320 mm
工作台最大纵向及横向移动距离 Max. longitudinal travel of table 500 毫米
工作台最大纵横机动进给量范围 Range of table longitudinal and cp power feeds 0.08-1.21 毫米
工作台回转动进给范围 Range of table rotary power feeds 0.052 - 0.783 度
主电动机 Main drive motor 3千瓦: 1430 转/分钟
快移电动机功率 Rapid drive motor 0.8千瓦:1280转/分钟
机床轮廓尺寸 (长 x 宽 x 高) Overall dimension (L x W x H) 1836 x 1305 x 1995 毫米
  Weight (approx.) 2000 公斤


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