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SDYQ Series CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

SDYQ Series CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine


Product Description

SDYQ series CNC cutting machine is an advanced equipment of full function, excellent workmanship and high reliability. CNC gantry type cutting machine Heavy-duty and Durable Both the cross-beam and lift device guides use linear guide, it is smooth and stable, without gap. The cross-beam is made from whole shape iron, no welding stress and distortion. All the gear-boxes with high drive accuracy and long life. Integrated auto-ignition with capacitance automatic height controller, keep the height between the cutting torch and work piece, realizing the best cutting quality. Able to process multi-torch mirror image cutting or synchronism cutting, improve cutting efficiency. Low use and maintenance cost, dispense with special maintenance, friendly operator interface, easy to learn. The automatic torch height control system is the best of reliability. All gas path components are of high quality. Optional: Powder marking device Stripe cutting torch Straight line triple beveling torch Rotary triple flame curve beveling torch Rotary plasma curve beveling torch * Above machines can be customized.

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