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CNC Bench Type Cutting Machine

CNC Bench Type Cutting Machine


Product Description

CNC Bench Type Cutting Machine CNC bench type cutting machine is a high speed,high accuracy plasma cutting machine which features compact modular construction for convenient and simple installtion, low inertia, and maneuvera ability, especially suitable for thin plate cutting. The working table can be made to fume extraction working bench or underwater cutting bench according to customers demand, which can effectively solve the environmental Pollution produced by plasma cutting. TS Series of Precision Table type Cutting Machine is integral type cutting equipment with high speed and precision. It is able to keep highest standard cutting process under long-term high-intensive working conditions. Compact and integral type modularization cutting unit, excellent rigidity Without foundation preparation, space saving, heavy duty and durable Precision linear guide driving, low deformation during high speed working Great finish surface, no slag, dispense with secondary treatment Low use-cost, without special maintenance, friendly operator panel, easy to learn Utility CNC system, reliable and safety G code and M code recognizable DXF/DWG file programming and nesting USB key/ Floppy data transmission
Torch lift distance : 180mm
Max travelling speed : 2000mm/min
Max Cutting Speed : 8000mm/min
Beeline position accuracy : +0.1mm/10m
Repeated accuracy : +0.1mm/10m
Comprehensive accuracy : +-0.5mm
Automatic height control accuracy : +-0.2mm
Check & accept standard : German ISO8206, JB/T5102-1999