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ACL Duct Manufacture Auto-line II

ACL Duct Manufacture Auto-line II


Product Description

Auto-line II consists of a metal feeding frame, levelling and grooving equipment, notching and punching square equipment, cutting equipment. The electrical control system uses a computer which combines with a closed-loop servo-system to increase the precision and stabilization of the line. The maximum working speed is 10m/min. The length tolerance is ±0.5mm. The diagonal line tolerance is ±0.8mm. The feeding frame can be set as the customer's requirement.

Layout of Auto-line II

Coiler material feeder-levelling and grooving equipment Notch and punch square-cut metal for TDF Cut metal for Duct Line II can not only be used for ducting production but also for TDF (transverse duct snap flange system). If the ACL duct manufacture system combines a T-12, Pitsburgh lock machine, folder and shaped clip, high quality ducts can be easily produced.

Basic Equipement

  1. One unit of motor-driven feeding frame(two rolls)
  2. One unit of leveling and grooving equipment
  3. Four sets of hydraulic notch cutting dies
  4. Hydraulic cutting equipment
  5. Industrial computer and special software